About Saker Sportscars

The first Saker was build in New Zealand but since 2001 Saker Sportscars builds and develops the relatively low-priced race-cars in The Netherlands. In 10 years time the Dutch factory was able to develop the cars to an outstanding reliable sportscar for still a very good price.

The spaceframe chassis is made of high quality steel and designed to be stiff, lightweight and even more important save for the driver in case of a crash. Enjoy the fact you can race the flat-4 turbocharged engines for many hours without any rebuild. Maintenance on the Saker is easy and inexpensive and it's even possible to get courses about maintaining and driving the Saker in The Netherlands.

Saker Sportscars US is the one and only official distributor of Saker Sportscars in the USA. Do you want to make high-speed racing affordable? Contact us today and start enjoying racing more than ever before!

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